Speaking other language.

Hi. I am trying to post in english in order to improve my english (maybe). So please excuse my grammar. Eheh.

So, let me start with...ah.

The other day, my english lecturer asked why are we so reluctant to speak in english. I mean, we have learnt english for years and we still reluctant to speak in english. Some of us answered typical answers such as bad grammar, bad pronunciation, lack self confidence, lack of vocabulary and etc.

She told us to at least find someone who can help us to speak in english, albeit how broken it will be when we speak in english.

But I decided to ask Yenn in helping me on improving my Mandarin. Lol me. After all, my mom did told me to speak in Mandarin with Yenn (or Jun perhaps) so that I can recall all those Mandarin words and phrases that I learnt back in primary school.

She did help me. But I failed to answer her question in Mandarin, I end up answering in Malay instead. Sheesh.

And today, the same thing happen again. My lecturer was asking whether there is any student who haven't reach the class and Yenn asked me, "女同学全部有了吗?" (This was the question...I guess so.)

I was a little bit shocked as she speak so fast, I can't really interpret it so I laughed and said, "Apa tu Yenn? Laju sangat, I tak faham. "

I really need to improve myself. Really. 😂

(Kenapa entry ni macam takde motif lulz okay bye. )

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